A team built around 3 senior lawyers with strong technical and business expertise

After working in business for 10 years in commercial (sales, project management) and human resource management roles, Anne-Gaëlle Finalteri qualified at the Paris bar and joined the business law firm Advis, where she led the employment law department for several years before founding her own law firm dedicated to employment law in January 2012.

With her combination of legal expertise and knowledge of business, Anne-Gaëlle Finalteri’s work has included supporting corporate groups in managing their employment law issues on a day-to-day basis, supporting companies with their merger/acquisition plans (acquisition audits, integration of new employees, etc.) and restructurings (assisting with and coordinating reorganisations, implementing job protection plans and the associated procedures) and negotiating in important individual cases.

Anne-Gaëlle also supports her corporate clients (manufacturing, services) in managing the challenges of digital transformation and its impact on jobs.

Nathalie Veuillot has a Master’s (DEA) in International Private Law and International Trade (Paris I – Sorbonne University). She began her career with the law firm Sales Vincent as a lawyer working in the area of employment law. Nathalie went on to practise employment law in the firms Proskaeur Rose and Advis before joining Cabinet Finalteri in 2015.

Having acquired a wealth of experience working with French and international businesses and groups over more than 20 years, Nathalie supports her clients in managing their day-to-day human resources issues and challenges (employment contracts, working hours, pay, etc,) and during the change management phases of the implementation and follow-up of their complex operations (restructurings, job protection plans, business disposals and transfers).

She has acquired significant expertise in collective employment relations (elections to and functioning of employee representation bodies, consultation procedures).

Sophie Trollé has a Master’s (DEA) in General Private Law (Paris X Nanterre University). She was sworn in 1997 and began her career with the law firm Salès & Vincent as a lawyer working in the employment law department, and then joined the law firm Proskaeur Rose.

After these professional experiences, she worked as independent lawyer in the law firm Trollé Dutter. She developed the employment law practice for businesses (small and medium companies, subsidiaries of groups in various sectors of activities: steel industry, entertainment, electronic engineering, estate brokerage, automobile industry, etc.).

Her experience relates mainly on individual employment relations (hiring, staff management, evolution of the employment contract, disciplinary sanction, monitoring of working time, professional mobility, remuneration package, etc.). She advises clients, in particular in the negotiation phase. She also represents her clients before the labor courts (Employment Tribunal and Court of Appeal) and in case of mediation.


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