Leveraging the law to build economic success

A business’s employment ecosystem must be compliant, but it can also be adapted to the business model to support your company’s competitiveness and economic success. We help you to leverage employment law to support the long-term success of your business project.

For a business’s Human Resources Department, Administration and Finance Department or the Chief Executive’s Office, designing your business’s employment ecosystem means making each element consistent with the overall business vision.
With you, we think in terms of flexibility, dialogue, evolving structures, anticipating change and the levers of competitiveness.

  • We support you during all the stages of development of your organisation and with each employment law issue you may face, always seeking to create value.
  • In the day-to-day management of individual relations with your employees (employment contracts, management of promotions and of difficulties in performing contracts, management of periods of contract suspension, management of internal moves and changes to remuneration packages, etc.).
  • In collective relations with regard to issues concerning collective bargaining agreements, working hours, remote working, building constructive relations with employee representatives, support in negotiations, the introduction of new procedures, etc.
  • We prioritise negotiation: working with you or on your behalf we seek resolve disputes amicably.
  • We also manage legal proceedings before all courts having jurisdiction in matters of employment law: employment tribunals, courts of first instance, administrative courts, appeal courts, the National Court for Disability and the Pricing of Insurance for Accidents at Work (CNITAAT), etc.
  • We can also support you with employment law audits, which we organise in three phases:
  • 1. a rigorous and detailed legal analysis of the documents placed at our disposal and the additional documents requested by us;
    2. collection from you and from the target – if possible during site visits – of the information necessary for an in-depth understanding of the internal roles, methods and processes;
    3. comparison of the results of our technical legal study and the perceived business reality in order to establish a diagnosis of the employment situation.


  • The “subject-matter” of employment law is the individual and their employment relationship. Here at Cabinet Finalteri this has led us to establish five simple but strong principles:
  • 1. Listening and collaborating
    We work closely with each client at all times, building a relationship of mutual trust.
    Each case is managed in collaboration with the client, involving regular contact.
  • 2. Rigour
    Mastering the legal issues in a highly technical and continually changing area of law is essential if a case is to be brought to a successful conclusion. This is a lawyer’s first duty.
  • This requires each case to be subject to an in-depth, systematic analysis, rigorous internal procedures to be followed, and project management methods to be adopted in the most complex cases.
  • 3. Strategic approach to cases
    In our work with our clients we adopt a value creation approach, comprising a series of essential, concrete stages:
    – establishing the objective,
    – defining the potential strategies,
    – choosing a strategy,
    – implementing that strategy until completion of the case.
  • 4. A spirit of negotiation
    We prioritise the search for negotiated solutions to avoid the cost of lengthy and expensive legal proceedings.
    We conduct negotiations – or assist you in your own negotiations – including in complex environments.
  • 5. A pragmatic approach
    We work with businesses and that requires knowledge of the business world, the commercial and financial challenges they face and their internal rules (including within large international groups). Our experience means we take a pragmatic approach.


    Administration and Finance Director Western Europe – PUBLICIS.SAPIENT

    “I highly recommend Cabinet Finalteri, which combines highly-developed legal skills with a responsive, pragmatic and business-oriented approach to the questions that are submitted to it, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the issues facing intermediate-sized enterprises and the functioning of international groups.
    In short, a true partner for both finance and legal directors as well as chief executive officers.”
  • Jérôme LAURENT
    General Manager Finances – PORT EUROPE

    “I have been working with the members of Cabinet Finalteri for 4 years now and I have witnessed the commitment and engagement demonstrated by Anne-Gaëlle and Nathalie during a number of sensitive assignments. Over this period we have developed a very close professional relationship with a high level of mutual trust, which guarantees rigorous and exhaustive treatment of issues which absolutely demand such an approach. Cabinet Finalteri is an essential partner for me on employment law matters.”
  • Bérangère BARBE
    Managing Partner – SAGARD

    “We worked with Anne-Gaëlle Finalteri for the first time two years ago on an employment due diligence assignment. Working with a new legal adviser is always a risk, but the assignment worked out extremely well. Together with her teams, Anne-Gaëlle was quickly able to understand the specific issues of the case and to present her reasoned conclusions. She is not a theoretician but a practitioner of employment law and this enables her to better assess the probability of the risks in question crystallising. We have worked with Cabinet Finalteri since then and will not hesitate to do so again!”


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